Saturday, March 8, 2008

Headboard: 7 Years of Indie Hi-Fi High-Tech Hip-Pop

Before we had even played our first concert, in the winter of 1995, my band, Headboard, had a Web site. Back then, music on the Internet was uncharted territory; there was no MP3, and not every musical act from wannabe rock gods to your local accordion quartet had a flash-laden site. In fact, personal home pages were still sort of a novelty. To the outside world, the site looked as good as those of the handful of major-label groups that had them at the time, and Headboard vaguely resembled a "real band," rather than the group of suburban misfits in a garage that we were. Little did I know that in the end, the Internet would be the key to the bands "almost famous" status — pushing the songwriting, touring and hard work to a happy level somewhere above obscurity, but well below superstardom.

- Glenn Rubenstein

Glenn Rubenstein - "Headboard: Almost Famous"

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